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05 Jan What does evil eye tattoo symbolize? Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning
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Every Tattoo Has a Story. What does an evil eye tattoo symbolize? Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning.From mandala to hamsa hand or from traditional to modern tattoo designs, all try to protect you from the evil eye in a different way. You can see top ideas and trending searches about minimal tattoos, vintage tattoos, back tattoos, sleeve tattoos, and more. Beauty may only be skin deep, yet the reasons behind getting inked can run far deeper. A tattoo is a personal reflection of the man or woman that lies b..
04 Jan The Evil Eye Bead theme is getting more and more popular.
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Why Fashion Is Embracing the Evil Eye. Why the evil eye is trending inThe evil eye bead symbol has recently become popular in different fields. All for evil eye protection not only for a jewelry trend. For example; This eye symbol, which we see only as an evil eye necklace and bracelet, is now seen in clothes, home decoration objects, and wall decorations. Artists in many different fields produce very aesthetic productions in an effort to resist the evil eye. The Evil Eye symbol, most often depi..
04 Nov Lucky Symbols of Ancient Egypt
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Egypt is one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient age. Five important luck symbols of Egypt have reached until today.What are these three important symbols?1- SPHINXIn Ancient Egypt and Greek mythology, Sphinx is an unreal creature in the form of a lion with a human head. Sphinx is believed to be a force to protect people against evil. The statues of the sphinx have been sculpted in front of the Egyptian temples. These sphinxes symbolize kings and gods. The most famous one of the Sphinxe..
03 Nov Evil eye necklace discovered inside 2400-year-old burial mound
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Extraordinary brightly-colored glass jewelry believed to be from Ancient Egypt has been found in a 2,400-year-old burial mound in Siberia. Necklace of identical glass eye beads executed in millefiori technique discovered recently in a 'princess' burial in the Altai mountains region of Russia. This so-called 'Cleopatra Necklace', a unique find this far east, most probably reached the Altai region through trade with the Celto-Scythian Bastarnae tribes in eastern Europe, and is particularly valuabl..
03 Nov The Cross is the most sacred symbol for Christianity
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The CrossThe Cross is the most sacred symbol for Christianity. Initially, this object was the symbol of torment andhorrible death. But the meaning has changed over time and has left its place for joy and happiness. Jesus has shown the way to begin a new life to Christianity bypassing thence. Thus, the cross has beenblessed.The CrucifixThe crucifix is regarded as the greatest symbolic message for Christians. This icon symbolizes goodness and happiness and is widely used in home decoration and jew..
03 Nov The Meaning of Star of David and Judaica Good Luck Symbols
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The Meaning of Star of DavidThe  Star of David is considered a symbol of Judaism. It is also referred to in conjunction with seven-arm candelabrum Manora. Number seven has got a special meaning for Judaism. Jews believed that God created the universe in six days and took a rest on the seventh day. According to the same belief God has got seven souls. The holy candelabrum Manora that placed in the Mishka Temple and Jerusalem Temple has got seven arms. The Star of David consists of seven parts wit..
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