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Evil Eye Keychains

Unique design Turkish evil eye keychain and bag charms. Retail or wholesale quality key rings and bag charms. Turkish and Greek people believe that blue evil eye beads absorb bad energy and carry magical powers to protect you or bring you luck. Evil eye keychain comes in many styles, from simple to ornate.

Model: KYR045
Quality metal with Dolphin Keyring. Can be used as a key ring or bag charm. It would make an ideal gift. The dolphin as a symbol of protection,transcendence, gentleness, harmony, friendship, generosity, power.  ..
$ 24.90
Model: KYR015
Colorful good luck charms key ring. This nickel free metal fish keychain is perfect car accessories and cool enough to bring on the boat.  If you are have a fisherman in the family, this is a great holiday gift for them cutting the gift list in half. ..
$ 24.90
Model: KYR062
Lucky fish keychain. Made of nickel free metal and handmade enameled good luck charms.This fish good luck charm key ring comes with a sturdy ring which helps it support all kinds of keys. Metal key rings will also make a great gift for family or friends...
$ 24.90
Model: KYR042
This cute fish keychain for good luck made of silver tone nickel free metal and colourful enamel. One sided..
$ 24.90
Model: KYR033
Lucky eye keychain with evil eye. Made of silver tone nickel free metal and plastic blue evil eye sticker. One sided.The eye most important characteristic is the power ascribed to it to protect its owner from danger or harm...
$ 24.90
Model: KYR035
Lucky eye spinning key chain with blue evil eye. This evil eye spinning keychain made of silver tone nickel free metal and plastic blue evil eye sticker.Greek folklore dictates you should carry an evil eye talisman with you to protect yourself from bad energy and negative thoughts, an..
$ 24.90
Model: KYR026
Evil eye keychain with good luck evil eye. Shiny metal with blue evil eye centre key ring. Evil eye symbolize good luck and protection against the evil eye carefully crafted pieces...
$ 24.90
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