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The Cross is the most sacred symbol for Christianity

The CrossThe Cross

The Cross is the most sacred symbol of Christianity. Initially, this object was the symbol of torment and

horrible death. But the meaning has changed over time and has left its place for joy and happiness. Jesus has shown the way to begin a new life to Christianity bypassing thence. Thus, the cross has been


The Crucifix

The crucifix is regarded as the greatest symbolic message for Christians. This icon symbolizes goodness and happiness and is widely used in home decoration and jewelry.

The Cross of St. Peter

It is an inverted Latin cross. The cross symbolizes the crucifixion of St. Peter upside down.


This icon which has been reached to the present day from prehistoric times has taken its name

from the letter gamma of the Greek alphabet. It symbolizes wellness, happiness, and health. The swastika is a

very sacred symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Anchor Cross

The Anchor Cross is used since the early periods of Christianity and symbolizes the secret churches of the underground. This symbol is often encountered in the underground tomb which is also used for liberation and hope.

The Red Cross of Constantine

This symbol represents the Masonic order and the military order, Holy Sepulchre, and St. John the Evangelist. According to the legend, Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great gave a start to knighthood. The first knight order Red Cross was founded in the year 312. This was followed by the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Red Cross of Constantine means Knights Beneficent of the Holy City.

This is also the symbol of the Red Cross which delivers humanitarian aid to victims of war and disaster.

Celtic Cross

This symbol has got a meaning regarding their ethnic origin for Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. The Celtic cross consists of a point and nested circle and cross. According to a popular legend of Ireland, St. Patrick has combined the symbol of the Christianity cross with the sun's life-giving properties and so the Celtic cross has emerged. The Celtic cross was used on tombstones in the past. Nowadays, it is widely used as jewelry.

Fish (Ichthys)

Ichthys means fish in Greek. This symbol resembles a fish and consists of two-piece of intersecting arcs. This is a mysterious symbol used by the first Christians. Ichthys is the son of the ancient Syrian goddess Atargatis. It symbolizes fertility. Ichthys is used in modern Christianity as written Jesus inside it. At the same time, this symbol is attached to cars in western countries to emphasize the car's driver is a Christian.


Dove represents the Holy Spirit in Christianity. It is also a harbinger of freedom and peace. Dove is an indispensable figure of jewelry and accessories.

Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns is an important symbol of Christianity that was placed on Jesus' head, before the crucifixion. About this theme, Jesus with the Crown of Thorns has painted by Michelangelo Caravaggio. This painting is one of the world's most famous and beautiful works.

Cross Meanings