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Xematiasma Evil Eye Belief Greek Eye Jewelry Mati or Mataki

What does Greek evil eye jewelry - what does the evil eye mean?

People's belief in the evil eye is almost as old as human history and today still continues widely. This belief is continuing at most in Mediterranean countries and it is also possible to see in Southern European immigrants of America. Greek Americans are deeply familiar with the concept of matiasma evil eye or Matia μάτι ματάκι eye. Almost all the Greeks who migrated to the United States know and believe the Greek evil eye matiasma.

According to the belief, matiasma that brings bad luck can result from many different causes; jealousy, envy, coveting, transferring the negative energy to a material with the eye,Mataki

the instant impact resulting from malevolence, and perfidy, and like else. But the main reason is the excessive compliment and begrudge. This praise may be with want oneness or insincere but the people without malicious can cause someone misfortune for the evil eye. So anyone can expose the evil eye to another person unintentionally.

It is thought that most affected people, women, and children from matiasma.

The evil eye can befall on involuntary and too easily. But it is believed that most blue-eyed people's gaze caused evil eye.

There are different prevention of Greek Americans taken to protect them from the evil eye and they use talismans.

- For example, hiding scissors is a very common tradition of the Greek brides, in order to protect themselves against matiasma.

- Putting caldron black behind the ears is another measure to protect against evil.

- Pinning the blue evil eye beads to children is one of the most valuable and most effective ways applied by mothers to protect their children from the matiasma. These eye-shaped blue beads are talismans that used for centuries to be protected from the evil eye.

Ancient Greek drinking bowls are the oldest objects made in the form of an eye with black-figure pottery in the 6th century B.C. Also, there is a common belief that the blue color has got a protective power.

- Another widely used protector is garlic which hanged up somewhere in the house.Greek Mataki in Greece

What is Greek Evil Eye beads Mati?

Greek evil eye called as matisama in Greece. Matiasma is an evil force born of feelings such as envy and jealousy.

So why the Greek people sincerely believed to matiasma evil eye?

Since ancient times, according to the Greek traditional beliefs, matiasma evil eye continues in a steady manner. It is believed that the evil eye falls on mostly defenseless children. That's why greek eye beads greek matia or mataki μάτι ματάκι immediately pinned to babies after birth. An evil eye bracelet is put around the wrist of a little older children.

Greek mataki or blue mati is a charm, believed that protection from evil forces all the negativity.

What are the Signs of Matiasma Evil Eye for Greek People?

  • Severe headache,

  • Weakness,

  • A sudden feeling of discomfort,

  • To fall into the emptiness as consciousness,

  • Suddenly emerged unwanted accidents,

  • Unreasonable negativity in a job or home life,

  • Stress and tension,

  • Intense desire to sleep.

If you get caught without cause one of these instant impacts, the reason for this is the evil eye or according to the Greek belief matiasma evil eye.

How do we protect from the matiasma evil eye?

To protect ourselves from the evil eye, bad luck, or matiasma; we can use greek eye beads, mataki blue mati, Greek mati bracelet, Greek blue eye charm, evil eye necklace, evil eye bracelet, evil eye ring, or any jewelry with blue evil eye beads on it.

The person carrying on any object with an evil eye bead or mataki keeps away matiasma or evil eye from him or herself.

Also, in accordance with an ancient Greek belief, referred to the healers as well, except mataki. Firstly, the healer prays with the name of the person who suffered from an evil eye. Then fills a deep bowl with water, drops olive oil into the water. The healer makes the sign of the cross three times. Finally, three times takes a piece of the water with his hand and spills it on the air.

Greek Mati Evil Eye

Did the Greek Church Recognize the Xematiasma?

The Greek Church acknowledges the matiasma evil eye entitle it as a vaskania. There is a special prayer in the church, for the people suffering from Matiasma. But the evil eye exorcism must be done by someone within the Greek people, not by a priest.

What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye faith, which originated by ancient Greek, is very common in Mediterranean countries. Matiasma or the Greek evil eye is striking power and killing force on the eye. It is believed to cause damage to people, especially women and children, homes, possessions, even inanimate objects.

Voodoo and the evil eye are the notions feared since human existence. Using the eye symbol against the matiasma directly arises from the thought of making use of eye to eye to destroy evil glance.

Among the Greeks, the use of the eye depiction against matiasma likes to fight fire with fire. The reason for wearing Greek matia is to neutralize the evil eye forces. Naturally, it is a distinct advantage, providing the elegance of these jewels.

So why is this blue eye so prevalent in Greek culture, so much so that it has become a popular souvenir?  In Greek, it is called the mati, and it is the most common ancient superstition or belief. The evil eye is brought upon someone by a person who is envious or jealous. In other words, your good fortune is affected by someone's jealousy so some sort of bad luck may happen to you as a result, like feeling bad physically or psychologically.

The Greeks call this the "Evil Eye" (to kako mati). The evil eye is not always evil. The mountains, the sun, and the sky do not intend any harm for the new mother or child, but all that envy and energy can be overwhelming for a person.

How to be Protected from the Evil Eye:

  • The mother and child should stay in the house for the first 40 days of the child's life. When they finally make their first walk outside, both the mother and the child should wear a blue eye – that is a little blue bead hidden under the clothes to protect them from the evil eye.

  • The Greeks also use a small talisman to ward off the evil eye. This is a little blue bead with a black dot inside of it, assembling an eye – the mati.

  • Some people will hang a blue bead or a mati with their cross or other religious icons.

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