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Good Luck Symbols and Their Meanings

Good luck symbols and protection symbols that are used in mythology are usually monsters which half-human half-animal or half of the bird, land, or sea.


The unicorn represents innocence. It is a legendary animal believed to immortalize the people who drink its blood of it. Unicorn is still used for good luck in Europe and the U.S.A. The unicorn has been mentioned also in the Bible.


A salamander is a lizard-like creature. In Iranian mythology, that believed it was created from fire and therefore it is fireproof.

This symbol is believed to protect from evil. Some works of world literature have been mentioned about Salamanders.


This mythological symbol is a human-headed horse. Centaur, symbolize the Scythian warriors on a horse and represents invincibility and power.


Ky-lin is a legendary monster known in the cultures of East Asia. According to Chinese and Japanese mythology is believed to bring peace, tranquility, and well-being.

It is also known as the unicorn of China.


Hydra is the nine-headed monster that was killed by Hercules in mythology. It is believed to be the guardian of the gate between the world and eternity.


Double Headed Serpent has been used in East Asia and Greek mythology. This figure symbolizes sometimes divine goodness, sometimes the body's vital functions and mental activities, and

sometimes heaven and hell. The Double-Headed Serpent symbolizes also immortality. For this reason, it has been used as the symbol of medical science, for centuries.


Makara is a sea creature in Indian mythology. It represents the Capricorn according to the Hindu calendar.


In mythology, the dragon symbolizes the bright and dark, the sun and the moon, and masculinity and femininity. This fire-breathing dragon has the body of a snake and the wings of a bird. In Turkic mythology, it was thought that the World is turned by dragons. The dragon has an important place in also Chinese mythology. It is one of the twelve Chinese horoscopes. This creature which has got spiritual forces is the symbol of China and other Far East countries. In Eastern cultures, dragons are believed to bring good luck, eternal goodness, and wisdom.


Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. According to the legend, Pegasus left the world immediately after birth and it has flown to the realm of the gods. The winged horse Pegasus was a very good flyer and this symbol is still used for good luck.


Phoenix represents frugality because of living without needing anyone. This bird, which was used too much in Turkish, Arabic, and Persian literature, lives on Mount Qaf. In Greek mythology, Phoenix is a magnificent bird that, is reborn from the ashes after death. It is the great hero of the tales. In Iranian mythology, the phoenix is a messenger, a confidant excellent bird who speaks in the human language.

Today, the Phoenix is still believed to bring good luck.