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Diaper Pin with Evil Eye Bead

Diaper Pin with Evil Eye Bead for evil eye protection
Diaper Pin with Evil Eye Bead


Diaper pin for baby with evil eye bead. Made of 925 sterling silver safety pin and handmade murano glass evil eye bead.

When a child is born, an evil eye is pinned to the garment on his or her right back shoulder for protection from other people's evil wishes. If your baby is very beautiful definitely he/she should wear an evil eye baby pin to ward off evil eye. New born babies are given the gold version of these as a gift and they are normally pinned on the back of their clothing with red ribbons, but eyes aren't just for babies and children. You might have a small one pinned on you from a shopkeeper or if you attend a wedding.

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  • Model: SBPIN010
  • Weight: 0.04 oz / 1.10 g
  • Size: W: 1.18 in / 3.00 cm | H: 0.39 in / 1.00 cm
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