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Designer Hand of Fatima Earrings

Designer Hand of Fatima Earrings for evil eye protection
Designer Hand of Fatima Earrings


22K Gold plating over 925 sterling silver designer hand of fatima earrrings with green mali garnet stones and pave setting high grade diamond simulated clear cubic zirconia stones. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the peoples of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces. In its simplest form the symbol for Hamsa is the hand. It is talismanic symbol that they believed would protect them from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. Hamsa is an icon used by man as a defence, in his struggle against the forces of evil.

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  • Model: SER137
  • Weight: 0.26 oz / 7.50 g
  • Size: L: 1.77 in / 4.50 cm | W: 1.06 in / 2.70 cm | H: 1.57 in / 4.00 cm
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